We believe that a kid's program at a church should be about more than coloring sheets and singing loud, fun songs. Of course, that stuff is pretty awesome, and our kids love it. But we have a team that diligently studies God's Word so that our kiddos are learning about the same crazy love, challenging stories, and out-of-this-world miracles that the adults are hearing in our main service. Parents are able to have conversations with their children through the week about church, because they probably spent time in the same scriptures on Sunday morning! We believe that it is never too early to start telling our children about the mighty works of God.

Children younger than preschool/not potty trained will spend the morning having fun with our nursery workers (if your child is potty trained, they may move up to the bigger class). Kids in 3rd grade and under worship together and spend time learning about Christ with their age groups. 4/5 grade students worship with the adults before heading to their own class. Our secure check-in area is right inside the door of our kids' space, and every adult on our team has passed a background check.



Our students meet every Sunday night to spend time together, build Christ-centered relationships with their peers,

and hear a challenging message from an adult on our team of volunteers.

Being in middle/high school is hard. We understand that. We are here to show them Christ's love in both extraordinary ways and in ways the world would probably see as mundane. We are here to encourage them when it seems that life is falling apart. We are here to stay late on a Sunday night to help them finish the homework they have procrastinated all weekend. We are here to pelt them with popcorn and nerf darts when the thing they need most is an excuse to laugh. These students are wild and crazy, and they have an unhindered passion for getting to know Jesus better. We are here to meet them right where they are and lock arms with them as they continue to live in a world where serving Christ in their teenage years is not what the world has in mind for them.


Our worship team is made up of volunteers who take time out of their busy schedules to set up, run sound and media, play instruments, and sing with passion. Every Wednesday night, this team gathers to pray over a set list and rehearse these songs with a common goal of leading people to the throne room of God on Sunday morning. They desire to bring unity in worship experiences by bridging together the old and the new so that everyone has a chance to encounter God while they are here. Our worship team constantly reminds us that it is not about them or their talents, but rather, it is about celebrating our freedom in Christ. And it is not just about celebrating that freedom on Sundays---it is about having a heart of worship at work, at school, at home, around friends, and during the discouraging times throughout the week. Our team is filled with as much joy serving and showing Christ's love behind-the-scenes as they are jamming out on stage.


There's no other way to put it: the men at Church on the Rock are crazy. They are full of enthusiasm that is not only seen when you walk in our doors, but lived out by serving others, working hard, and loving their families. These men are strong and wild at heart. They are incredible leaders. The husbands leads their wives in Christ. The fathers show their children what a man of God looks like. The single men take time out of their schedules to serve wherever they are needed at a moment's notice. This ministry encourages the men in our church to create strong bonds with each other so they may be sensitive and encouraging in difficult times and recklessly goofy in the good times. Our monthly Men's Breakfast not only allows them to gather around plates and plates of bacon, but also gives them the opportunity to learn what it means to be a man from a biblical perspective. Guys Night Out builds a brotherhood through common interests, and our Father/Son camping trips and Daddy/Daughter date nights teach the importance of caring for family. Our men have a huge heart for serving our community and love being involved with Wheeler Mission Ministries in Indy. We are so thankful for our men!



Our women are compassionate and fierce and strong and love without stopping. We have some amazing women here with unbelievable servant hearts. They are willing to do anything from leading out Bible studies to taking meals to those in our community. Our women have a passion and desire to live out their lives so that others will see Jesus through them. Our women are doers. They are active beyond our church. They are persistent in showing Christ in their workplaces, their homes, and their city. They are always searching for ways to make our church building feel like home. They use their talents to teach, lead, love on babies, take photos, cook meals, throw parties, clean, plan/set-up/tear-down events, and teach our younger generations how to be a woman after God's heart. These women do not have timid spirits. They are bold in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and they know of their importance in God's Kingdom. Women's Breakfast, Girls' Nights, and Bible studies are just a few opportunities we have for our women to gather and seek Jesus together. Our women are as real as real can get about life and its toughness, but believe that life together, rooted in Christ, is the only way to get through it.